Otaniemi Fight Club

Otaniemi Fight Club is a sports association operating under the Student Union of Aalto University (AYY) with a mission: to increase the opportunities of Aalto students to engage in and practice martial arts in its many forms. Participating in our activities is as simple as being active in our Facebook Group and attending the events organized by the club or our members themselves. About page for more info.

If you're a student in the capital region and you're interested in martial arts -- or close, then this site is for you! Feel free to browse away: Check out at least some of our pics from our Gallery and who we are and what we do from the About page!


  • About: general information about the club (what, how, who)
  • Events: information about our event schedule (when)
  • Gallery: some photos off of our trainings (what does it look like in practice)
  • Why: some thoughts on why we do MMA and why you should too (why)
  • Join Us: instructions on how you should proceed ;) (what next)