Otaniemi Fight Club (OFC) is an association that operates under the Student Union of Aalto University. The club is run by a small group of students with a mutual interest: practicing martial arts.

Otaniemi Fight Club was founded on the sixth of May 2010 with a clear purpose: to enhance the opportunities of the students of Aalto University to practice martial arts. This is the club's mission and what it pursues to accomplish in many levels -- not just by offering some square meters of tatami to train on, but also by providing some equipment, information and a forum for its members, and perhaps most importantly, the critical mass needed to accomplish things a lone fighter might not.

We also encourage you to use our Facebook groups to ask questions or discuss stuff:

  1. the Facebook group for members

The OFC board can be contacted via

  1. the board's mailing list: [javascript protected email address],

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