Why Mixed Martial Arts?

Why invest your time and energy in MMA? An important question! There are many answers (try and google for some) but here's three reasons that came to my mind:
In my opinion...

  1. MMA is the most natural, balanced and effective way to strengthen a human body:

    Please watch some of the embedded videos below and then agree with me: It's an unparalled way to stress a human body, brain and braw:

    • Body. MMA stresses your bones, joints, neck, feet, hands, ankles, and almost every other part of your body you could think of and we all know that frequent moderate stress triggers the body to strengthen itself; Wrestlers have grown themselves robust. Stretching and reach exercises and things that dancers and acrobats alike do also form an integral part in developing MMA-capable -- versatile -- physique.

    • Brain. MMA isn't a piece of cake for the brain either -- getting better in it requires you to learn not just different techniques and moves but also about practical everyday physics, about yourself, about other people, about movement, about limits and about many other things. It develops your nervous system in many many ways: You'll develop -- just to name a few -- coordination, dexterity, agility & speed -- none of which is developed by f. ex. plain long-distance running or regular weight-lifting. Weight-lifting might give you the braw, but leaves you without the brain to use it -- almost for any purpose.

    • Braw. MMA requires strength, stamina and raw power! You'll learn this clearest when you try to fight us. What's best in MMA is that it boosts your braw in the most natural, balanced and useful ways. One of the most important benefits of training MMA is that the trainings constantly give you feedback on your current fit and push you to do your supportive workouts. Yes, most MM-artists stress themselves with an additional combination of other activities. Personally I'm in the process of coupling MMA with regular body weight and gym workouts, and occasional triathlon and dance training to form my recipe for fitness.

  2. MMA makes a good friend

    You know the saying that men grow old because they stop X, and not conversely. Well MMA is a sport that forces you to keep yourself able. Why? Because it offers you

    • a healthy dose of competition. Never lose the urge to become faster, stronger & better. If you lose it, the opposite will happen. Competition doesn't have to taste like blood but brothers who don't care who's better get nowhere. Competition is in the essence of us. And for a reason. MMA teaches you to relish it.

    • good friends. As a social sport (unlike, say, swimming) you'll get friends with a similar mindset and you'll push each other farther, faster and stronger. They'll also notice you if you slow down or start to fade out. Your MMA friends can prove to be valuable beyond measure. MMA teaches you to relish them.

    • animal like feelings of pain and achievement. It's healthy to be reminded of how pain feels and of the fact that your body has limits. It's healthy to feel the temptation to submit and quit and the feelings of exhaustion, of powerlessness, of submission and of defeat. It's equally healthy to feel feelings of power, achievement, success and victory. These things keep your animal (male and female) brain sane and relax, and they relieve stress. MMA teaches you to seek these feelings, learn from them, and relish them.

    Regular determined training also helps you maintain good sleep and eating habits which is very important.

  3. MMA training and experience is beneficial in surprising ways

    You already know that the "martial" in MMA reminds of war and real threats and while MMA provides undoubtedly perhaps the most effective and practical means to varying potential situations there are also other reasons why experience in MMA can be useful:

    • Accidents. You'll better cope with various accidents like tripping on ice and crashing with a bicycle. They form a lesser threat when you've trained yourself to avoid, evade, block and resist impacts every week for years. You know how to fall. You know when, how and what to protect.

    • Attitudes. You'll develop a healthy attitude towards physical contact and violence and learn to control yourself and your agression. You'll also learn empathy and trust and most of all: discipline and willpower. These are things that shape who you are and who you'll become. MMA trainings aren't always easy, nice and pleasing. Sometimes your opponent seems way too challenging for you. Sometimes you'll get hit but MMA teaches you to regroup yourself, rebelieve in yourself and continue moving forward with twice the determination, despite -- or should I say because -- of the hits.

    • Confidence. You'll be more confident where ever you go while simultaneously knowing your limits better than most. Confidence and self-awareness are advantages in many fronts of life. Why should one seperate one's MMA experience from one's business career?

Other Opinions

I asked some of my friends to comment on this and they gave a few more points:

  • "There simply isn't an activity on earth that is as ultimate as MMA."

  • "The freedom in MMA permits full and creative use of your body and wit. Your strategy is not predictated in a rulebook."

  • "MMA offers virtually infinite opportunities for learning and development."

  • "MMA as many other martial arts are also philosophical. If you thought MMA is just about forcing men to submit you're beyond mistaken. Things I've learned from martial arts have propelled me to succeed in my life as a whole."

  • "How many sports can you name with 40-year-olds still on the top? MMA isn't just about force and testosterone."

  • "Fighting is in our DNA -- as Dana White said. That's why it's so natural."

  • "Another great thing in MMA is that while it's fun to practice it's also exciting to watch."

  • "If you're very very good in football, then you're very very good in football, but that's about it. With MMA, that's not the case. Great mixed martial artists are tremendous athletes and often good in almost all other sports as well. That's because of the wide array of corporal and mental challenges MM-artists have had to tackle to develop themselves."

  • "You will never understand what MMA is all about unless you've given it a fair chance."

We at Otaniemi Fight Club do not support or agree with everything behind these links, but nevertheless it might be interesting/entertaining for you to take a peek:

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These videos aren't a good definition of what and why we practice MMA nor how we perceive it. But as with the other links, it might be interesting for you to take an equal peek on these. Also feel free to browse the web for more -- These were the fruits of just a couple of minutes of googling. Enjoy getting pumped:

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